The Pineapple Project

The Pineapple Project exists as a still life, a moment in time. A work bench, processing tools (in ceramic and metal), protective gear and pineapples set the scene. A scene at once domestic, industrial and fantastical Who is at work here? Are you meant to engage in this work station? How can these tools be used? Why is that pineapple upside down? Who will eat these pineapples? Where did they come from?

These are questions I wish to evoke in a viewer. I want to position the view in an ambiguous space where they question their role in conjunction with a pineapple. This is to be a microcosm, my absurd tool to parallel your acts in this space with that of your role of consumption of pineapple outside the gallery. I want you to ask the above questions not only in this scene but in your day to day life.


1st year Review-6757

The Pineapple Project-7650


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