Foodscapes: From Seed to Mouth

Eating is both personal and highly political. The cause and effect of purchasing and eating a food item is obscure to a consumer and the repercussions of our choices have consequence. North Americans are individually sanctioning with each bite a harmful industrial food complex, manifest in the myriads of diet-induced illnesses, crippling debt, animal violations, human right infringements, and massive environmental degradation. I use the metaphorical landscapes of food, what sociologists call foodscapes, as a catalyst for making work about the discourses that mediate our relationships with food. This thesis Foodscapes: From Seed to Mouth invites you to take action and see the beauty of food, embrace your agency, labor in preparation and invest in enjoyable eating by of means of a terraced vertical garden made of vibrantly painted ceramic tile containing local grown local vegetables, tools for harvesting, a preparation station, dining table and hand crafted plates. I present the actions of gardening: planting. picking, preparing and eating as enjoyable steps towards the reclamation of the food system.

Participants will select and harvest food from the tile based vertical garden with my aid. We will then prepare the items together at the preparation station, talking about the food before us and food in general. Lastly, the participant will choose a plate and sit to dine. These steps are such as to implicate the viewer in a seasonal garden landscape, the labour and bodily engagement of cooking, and a community connection in eating.

Plants, soils and seeds have been dug up from UF Organic Garden Co-OPField and Fork Farm and Gardens ,Swallowtail FarmAlachua County Feed & SeedForage Farm and my home garden.


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