Dish invitation.

The Food Experience, WARPhaus poster

I can tell you a little about The Food Experience. It came about as a solution to a problem I see with hand crafted pottery and my need to foster love of food and critical talk about our food. The problem with pots is that it is usually a 1:1 ratio of use. The domestic food time a pot gets is minimal and disseminated by the owner of pot, ei) you might get invited over for dinner and eat. But other than that, people just don’t get to experience the handcrafted pot domestically often. And if they do, they are already committed to pottery and understand the language a bit. I think food awareness and enjoying food are linked and would like to imagine and implement spaces where handcrafted pots can foster enjoyment and awareness hence The Food Experience! I rallied two other potters together and found a chef and gallery spot, we all donated our time, skills and money to see what would happen if we got foodies and strangers together to chat and experience.

It was a great start I found that I greatly enjoyed seeing how the pots functioned as a catalyst. I can imagine (bi)monthly round tables where different topic discussions  (chosen by a token guest perhaps) happen over delicious food in superb pots. A project that would be greatly aligned with my graduate studies at UF. How can we use pots in new transient and activist ways, will they even be able to function in new ways for new means?


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