Foodscapes: From Seed to Mouth

It is official and you are all welcome to attend:
Bridget Fairbank will defend her project in lieu of thesis Foodscapes: From Seed to Mouth Monday, April 3rd, in the Fine Arts Building C Conference room FAC 102 at 4:00 pm. 
Eating is both personal and highly political. The cause and effect of purchasing and eating a food item is obscure to a consumer and the repercussions of our choices have consequence. North Americans are individually sanctioning with each bite a harmful industrial food complex, manifest in the myriads of diet-induced illnesses, crippling debt, animal violations, human right infringements, and massive environmental degradation. I use the metaphorical landscapes of food, what sociologists call foodscapes, as a catalyst for making work about the discourses that mediate our relationships with food. This thesis Foodscapes: From Seed to Mouth invites you to take action and see the beauty of food, embrace your agency, labor in preparation and invest in enjoyable eating by of means of a terraced vertical garden made of vibrantly painted ceramic tile containing local grown local vegetables, tools for harvesting, a preparation station, dining table and hand crafted plates. I present the actions of gardening: planting. picking, preparing and eating as enjoyable steps towards the reclamation of the food system.
Committee Chair: Anna Calluori Holcombe
Committee Members:  Nan Smith, Bethany Taylor, Katerie Gladdys

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