Research: Woodman Vase 1963


Sims, Patterson. “Betty Woodman: A Critical Look at Her Oeuvre” Betty Woodman. Teatros. Theatres. Theatres. Milano: Sikra, 2005. 66-72. Print.

“The Expressionistic configuration of the pieces is another of the distinctive features of Betty Woodman’s work, being placed at the service of gesticulation that is constantly aware of the body and its movement, yet nonetheless continuing to explicitly state the functional role that each part must play in the ceramic object.

This functional sincerity in the creation of the objects is linked to the truth of materials that so not dissimulate the physical structure, without hiding the gesture with which they were made, the place where the hand applied pressure either directly or with the used of a tool, in its attempts to find the desired form, the clay itself being left with the configuration that the material assumed in a natural manner, and, finally, the constructive structure, the way in which the parts were joined together to give substance to the object. These procedures are clearly documented in the vases composed of superimposed containers (fig.3)

Utilitarian objects have ceased to be a concern for Betty Woodman in her creative work… Gradually her expressive impetus and artistic thing have imposed themselves in any practical functionality, with the object being made under absolute aesthetic construction. The structural elements and now used in a situation of morphological and functional decontextualization. Despite being capable of referring to practical uses, these objects are in fact impossible to use, pointing towards a metaphorical function and a desire for transcendence.”


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