Ode to the university cafeteria.

Students alone in groups standing in lines, shuffling around.

Finding seats. Holding multiple plates of  “well balanced meals”,

topped with sugar dust.


Lemonade and soft drinks.

Some relaxed, some stressed. All neurotic somehow.

Girls eating skinny salads, girls eating mega salads.

Spinach, romaine, julienned carrots.

Hammed panini. Boys eating chicken fingers. Young athletic girl eating bowl after bowl of lucky charms in her short shorts and neon sneaker. Man eating cereal, chocolate milk as the milk.

Chocolate milk, chocolate milk, chocolate milk, chocolate soy milk.

Artichoke pizza, cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza and sloppy joes.

Pan seared basa and pineapple, grilled veg and tofu.

Chicken fingers.

Flip flops, freezing air conditioning, spandex, suits, shiny shoes, bandanas, pajamas, blouses, pearls, sunglasses. Late for classes. Backpacks, backpacks, backpacks.

Chick peas. Garbonzo beans.

Rolllllllll on the floor.

Designer stools, electricity , eccentricity, lap, top. Laptop. Tabletop. Plastic cups, plastic plates, ceramic mugs. Cell phones, cell phones, cellphones.

Devices, spices.

Cooks, cooking. Cooking stations. Cooks cooking in cooking stations. Waiting, waiting, making. Slow lines, hungry minds.

Peas and carrots, ice cream.

Coffee Coffee, sip.


Gossip, silence.

Work, eat.

Relax, chat, fat. Quick, quick.
Slow, slow. Eat, eat. Eat slow.


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