Akiyama Yo at the Harn and University of Florida

Stop by the University of Florida today to see Akiyama Yo (who gave a Gallery Talk yesterday at the Harn about the exhibition “Into the Fold” , pictured below)  demo!!!








I have taken to taking notes on my phone during artists talks here is what I’ve got….:

Fold to fold: music

Administered contingency in process.
Something that is never created before. Animal and mineral.
There are so many answers and that is the most important part.
When it starts to look like something- I work against it.

It may look like mineral, it may look like plant, but I like my object to exist as it is . You are the interpreter.

Each end is corresponding with each other through the interior.

Does the piece change withing the context of time and space?
Time and space are very important to him.

A record of an imaged past event.
The quality of clay starts changing through the passage of time. Firing means radical change.

Thinking about change- but it probably doesn’t change while we are alive.

(Begun to imagine this piece in parts in storage, made in six pieces. Past but modern.) shift in process. Always needs to think of time and transformation

It is a problem for me that this is in parts. Empty bottom.

Feels like a collapsed esophagus.

Can not survive outdoors.


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