Questions: Talking about Art

Just had some fun talking to people about talking about art. There are so many perspectives, so many good points.

But in the end art is about communication. Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 2.33.13 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 2.33.50 PM


It may be obvious why it is important to talk about art, you all do it everyday but clarifying why we really do it will help you realize what theory or venue is best suited for you.

  • Speaking about art is vital to art education. Complex thoughts and ideas in academia must be communicated and evaluated in a variety of ways, which most often involved talking.
  • Talking about art completes an information feedback loop. To make sure your work is functioning in reality like you intended talk is needed.
  • Western society prioritizes verbal/written language, complex thoughts and ideas must be verbalized to function within the paradigm.  To be indoctrinated into the cannon or high art, collected or commercialized the art must be verbalized, if not by the artist by those selling or documenting it.
  • Today being about to talk about art is unavoidable and crucial to the systems that support the art world weather power point, blogging, networking or artist talks.
  • Talking allows the artists to articulate content and clarify intent. Rarely do we only have an isolated art to interpret we also have Artist Statements, Biographies, Articles etc. all written content to inform the object. As an artists or one interested in art understanding additional verbal content is vital to experience. Stories affect experience, content and understanding.

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