Research Entry: The Beginning

I have been asked to keep a research log for a Seminar Class entitled “Research Supporting Studio Practice”. What a great project! Below is an exert of the syllabus to give you an idea of the class’ objectives. My intent with these posts is to document my research, organize myself, brainstorm and share. Expect two posts a week and please comment to your hearts content. It will be a wild ride and while I’ll try and keep posts coherent all the content might not jive a first or seem relevant, such is the nature of my mind. You can find all the entries on the Research Log tab at the top of the page.

You are being asked to address a single research topic to support your artwork this semester. Choose an area that needs straightening and; conceptual, technical or aesthetic. Pinpoint something specific: ask a key question, develop a hypothesis  that will propel your practice forward. This may this make take discussion and consideration of where you are no, where you have been and where you want to go.

The research should involve multi-faceted methodologies including the following approaches:

1) Library Research

2) In Studio Research

3) Visual Research

4) Surveys, Interviews


Well you have to begin somewhere and so I began with this:

Studio Project Proposal

Due: Thursday August 28, 2014 3:00-5:10

Over the semester I plan to explore the cultural significance of food production/consumption in North America today by various means of inquiry (reading, interviews, videos, observation, intervention, collaboration). I will in this research question modern studio pottery/potters involvement in food culture and shaping relationships with food. In tandem, I intend to research various ceramic techniques that apply directly to my studio pottery making practice such as third firing finishes and explore imagery. It is my hope that the two seemingly disparate avenues of research will inform and influence each other in a visual manner, through object, display/interaction/consumption and writing.

What is our current North American/Global relation to food?

What is the current relationship studio pottery/potters has/have to food?

What is the current relationship the public has to studio pottery?

How do these relationships inform/affect each other?

How do you facilitate change through abstract esthetic food enjoyment with pottery? If the subject is not depicted on a pot it must/may be done by external means, venues and applications (?).

I am interested in our current ways and framework for understanding and interacting with pots and in how these tropes might be influenced to change.

Consideration of where my studio practice and ideas are now and where they might go needs to happen before a direct single research question can be asked. There are many self imposed stipulations that inform my current work and woking process- it may be time to question some of these.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.23.55 AMScreen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.24.06 AM

Nan (my prof) and went over this and chatted.

We talked about accessibility to pottery and food markets, the hand crafted in restaurants and questions who is using pots or cooking. After the talk, my mind reeled on a bit and I found myself defining my intentions a bit:

I don’t care about the esthetic preferences of people. In that we live in a world where you can like anything and get anything you like. I also do not not want to re-enforce the idea that the visual is enough. Pottery to determine preference must be used. Only
experience can begin to be trusted in determining preference.

I guess more, I am interested in inventing means for interaction.

I in no way want to lessen the price of (gains to the potter), or means to make pots to increase.


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