Mug-O-Month at Steve-O-Reno’s


I am so excited about Steve-O-Reno’s cafe initiative “Mug-O-Month”! It is an endeavor the fabulous Melissa Armburster, Stevo’s manager, and I cooked up a few months ago to offer local Nova Scotian potters the chance to feature work in the cafe and patrons the chance to have their gourmet brew in a beautiful hand crafted mug free of charge!

Steve-O-Reno’s is thrilled to have Chelsea Legge, AKA Slightly Irregular to the Mug-O-Month Mug Wall for the month of June, check out her mugs (seen above) while you can! Find her 4oz espresso cups, 10oz/12oz coffee mugs, tea cups, and saucers at Steve-O-Reno’s in Downtown Halifax (1536 Brunswick St.).Follow this artist on twitter &! — with Slightly Irregular at Steve-O-Reno’s Cappuccino.

Be sure to check out last month’s featured artist Miss Erin Robison, illustrator/ceramicist here: see her mugs and demitasse espresso above.

Remember that our goal with #MugOMonth is to get local pottery into people’s hands; we’re happy to serve your drink in one of these mugs!

If you are interested in a being a featured potter please feel free to contact me at any time. We’re booked up until January so inquire asap!


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