Issue: Why use handmade pots?

As an potter sometimes it feels like the biggest part of the job is convincing people that pottery is worth it. Worth that $30, worth their interest, worth a wee bit of time. But it isssss worth it. This worth can only be found out by use, by a personal a self-made history with an object. By satisfaction over time. I am a pleasure seeker (and finder thank goodness) but we live in a world of empty self gratification, an instant gratification, when we can have anything we want quite readily. But heck, no one realllly knows what they want! How boring of an existence to think you know what you want, and that you  get it- living in a closed little self made framework (Ak, hem I only do this four months of the year). It sounds quite dissatisfying in time. The gratification that handmade pottery offers can indeed be instant- you can be instantly attracted to a mug say. But that relationship is one that needs time to be truly satisfying. It dawns on me now that our relations with pots aren’t thattttt different then with lovers, perhaps it is no wonder that parts of pots are names after sensual body parts: lip, neck, hip. But, I digress. If I can draw parallels between the thoughtfully hand crafted pot and a lover, how is it that other’s can’t? Is it really an inanimate object? No, it is an extension of another’s intent, vitality and purpose. Personification is inherent in the making, it is a good pot. How much money, mind power and times has gone into that human obsession of mating? And if a pot could be akin to a love, it is worth some time. Birdie Boone has adapted a mind map exemplifying allllll that a handmade pot might have to offer! Goodness gracious she is proactive! It is sort of the best thing I’ve seen in a while. Gratification alllll around!bubble chart jpg.jpg


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