Exhibition: Archie Bray Resident Artist Exhibition

The Archie Bray is Mecca for westward Americans. Oh the kilns! Oh the pottery archive! The Bray boasts an intensive summer residency where a bunch of spectacularly talented artists make make make for various durations. It culminates in The Residency Exhibition!

Here is a teaser:

Ben Carter

Ben Carter 2Ben Carter 3

Jeremy Bridell

Jeremy Briddell 3

Jeff Campana

Jeff Campana 3

Sunshine Cobb

(I want this one soooo bad).

Sunshine Cobb 1

Alanna DeRocchi

Alanna DeRocchi

Adam Field

Adam Field 1

Mike Gesikowski

Mike Gesiakowski 2

Andrew Gilliatt

Andrew Gilliatt 2

Mel Griffen

(I own and plate and mug of Mel’s and the way they feel in the hand is indescribably perfect. What a talent!)

Mel Griffin 1

Giselle Hicks

Giselle Hicks 1

Clara Hoag

Clara Hoag 2

Peter Johnson

Peter C Johnson 2

Steven Y Lee

Steven Y Lee

Heesoo Lee

Heesoo Lee

Linda Lopez

Linda Lopez 2

Sean O’Connell

(I also badly want this one..)

Sean O'Connell 3

Chris Pickett

Chris Pickett 2

Jonathan Read

Jonathan Read 3

John Zimmerman

John Zimmerman 1

Mallory Wetherell

Mallory Wetherell 1


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