Foodie: Secrets of the Best Chefs

Eating on autopilot is no good. Cooking ruts are no good either. I myself am guilty of waining food inspiration now and then (I have the specific challenge of getting a grocery order just once a month to my fire tower and ingredients seem always the same). If cooking seems joyless or hum drum and bodies (especially those darn teenage boys, oh brother) are seemingly endless fuel needing vessels. A good cook book is where you need to turn for inspiration, and might be what you need to avoid being part of that harrowing statistic of Americans dedicating just 30mins to food daily (cooking and clean up!). All libraries have neglected books with pages just wanting to be turned and recipes just asking to be tasted. Keep and eye out for the most soiled pages indicating frequent use (a guilty pleasure of mine when perusing other peoples cook books!) for if spilt upon it’s probably worth trying! Secrets of the Best Chefs is my latest muse.







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