Read it!: The Microcosmos

I have a shirt proclaiming “Magic is just stuff Science hasn’t made boring yet”. Now that isn’t all true Science is awesome and a pillar of the ceramic jive.

It is perhaps, however, the artist’s role to look at the stuff of science in a new light. To see both macro and micro in what cultural artistic role and values all the dry digits and glitchy readings might lend to the human spirit, to aesthetic expression. The artist must take what is seen everyday and sway a shift in consciousness, force one to see what has not been seen before. Today try to actually see what you look at everyday. We are so often shackled with blinders of our daily living when indeed there is great beauty there.

This book, The Microcosmos, lends a hand to such an end giving us a sampling of such beauty that science provides.









5 thoughts on “Read it!: The Microcosmos

  1. Carter Gillies says:

    I would say science and technology are two different things, and that its the new advances in technology that give us all these wonderful new glimpses into our world. The science is the explanation part, the why, the wherefor. Those images leave me breathless not because I know what I’m looking at but because I’ve never seen that stuff before. I don’t need to know what it is to appreciate it. Technology merely opens the door to that previously undisclosed world. Understanding isn’t necessary for appreciation….. Curiosity, on the other hand, IS.

    1. bpracticalpottery says:

      Ah yes! Thanks to Brandon Broll for seeing this and compiling the images. I do maintain that my curious mind is happy for the scientific synopsis of the pictures on the left, because meaning (science) in this case adds to beauty. It alters perception by explanation, my awe is multiplied when I am told the beautiful photo I am looking at is of the unexpected for instance the lining of human lungs or a nasturtium leaf. If left unnamed our perception of the mundane would remain unchanged. In this case science, naming and contextualizing, is vital if to surpass being beauty trapped in a book and not to every object the curious mind will pretend to see through a microscope. Science in this case makes beauty solid and linger not nameless, unknown and ephemeral. It is here to stay if we look closely.

      1. Carter Gillies says:

        Nicely put!

        As Physicist Richard Feynman rightly says, “Science only ADDS to the mystery and excitement and awe”!

        Chevk out this short video of him making the case:

      2. bpracticalpottery says:

        Wonderful! That was perfect! It is a tenuous line to walk with science though. Splicing and dicing too much can muddle a picture, or a mind. But perhaps in the world of speciality, ultimate focus can foster beauty. There is certainly something to be said about magic and chance and luck and intuition in the potting endeavor that won’t sit so nicely in a box of science.

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