Food Activism: The Potluck as Activism


The Potluck as activism?

Americans (and I wager us Canadian contemporaries) spend a mere thirty-one minuets a day on average preparing food, including clean up (Pollan, Rising).
My reaction to this was “Whhaaaaaaaa!?” Was yours?

And I ask you, how many meals did you eat at a table today with two or more other human beings who weren’t multitasking?

What if you endeavoured to host one and attend one potluck a month? What if we all did this? What if we all did this and made a point of inviting someone we normally wouldn’t to dinner? That would be a lot more sharing and a bit of encouraged cooking for the masses wouldn’t it be? (Heck! you could even bust out your ceramics and promote that cause, yes to me ceramics is a cause).

Wait, do you know what a potluck is? Don’t take offence if you do and please don’t be embarrassed if you don’t. I am a boneafied potluck participator (sharing food being primordially one of my passions) and last year unknowingly invited my cousin to his first (he busted out a salmon pasta casserole- yum)!

A potluck is a meal or party to which each of the guests contributes a dish.

Look, I waiver between romanticism and realism on a daily basis and this little challenge may be the perfect combo and boy, what a pleasant thing it would be! It fosters cooking, health, food talk, sharing, neighbourliness and the use of dishes! (and often wine!). All that I live for. All that many would tell make for the splendor of life. Let’s eat together?

Listen, If you manage to do this I’ll send you something exciting in the mail every month you do and enter your name in a draw for a lovely piece of pottery to be doled out in six months (just in time for the winter festivities). Email a photo to of poof to every potluck you host and attend! All it takes is two a month for food activism in action.


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