Back and Blogging!

Dear Ceramic Enthusiast,

SCAN037, Miss Me?

I am sorry I’ve been silent so long.

Will you have me back? Don’t prolong.

I cringe thinking of the time and distance that have kept us apart.

All those absent zeros and ones to start. But oh, I made [attempted to make] such glorious art!

So many late nights I ignored the computer’s neon lights.

My hands muddy and tired eyes unfit for such unseemly sights.

Now I type outside, by fireside.

I maintain, a fire still burns inside.


I miss art.

I think now, now is the time to start.



With a new schedule! You see it there on the sidebar?

Pretty in pink.

There are certainly some new topics there.

Thus, I give to you the new Category Page!


Weekly you will find:

Kiln(er): Kilns are often overlooked and certainly lack an online presence. They are a fundamental and endlessly interesting bit of the ceramic process. Thus under “kilner” (what I am affectionately referred to by a friend and what really perhaps all ceramists could be aptly called) we will explore the wonderful back breaking, hair singeing world of kilns.

Techno-ology: Info. on the technical aspects of ceramics. From melting points to expansion rates and sharpening tool tips to peeing in clay. All the treacherously techo terms and not so nonsensical garb will be dealt with.

Porn/Artist: There is a lot of spectacular work out there and a ton of stellar artists. Let’s drum up the contemporaries and stroke our egos.

Historical Pot: Pottery is the oldest record we have of the creative mind. Civilizations around the world all came to clay separately to make archetypal forms that resonate in every modern pot. The ceramic process with a bit of rapid prototyping and electricity withstanding still relies on ancient processes and materials. There is a wealth of ancient work out there seldom given the spotlight and I am eager to seek it out.

Museum/Gallery/Exposition: All play such a vital role in the lives of artists and art lovers. This section explores what they are all about and what is going on.

(Food) Activism: I have been dwelling more and more on our North American food crisis, an eminent monster ravaging our schools and streets and homes giving our children shorter lifespans and depleting our lands and cultures. But there is hope and it comes in the form of loving and sharing food- not a task so far from the core of all ceramic practices! I am excited to look at the links between craftivism and food activism- in our minds, and daily lives, at our tables, in our ovens and communities and on our computers.

Read It!: I have considered hunkering down for the next several years and disappearing in the library stacks or great abyss of the world wide web, an option of my dreams. I, however, find myself with such full days and I know you do too that all the reading gets mashed together in the filing cabinet of my brain to rust and collect dust. Here I will select a good’n each week I would love for you to read and talk to me about. That way we might keep things straight and expand our minds a little.


Sporadically you will find:

Montage:  Compositions of….whatever! I find myself wanting to communicate in montage all the time. So lets slice, dice and repeat!

Color it!:  People would be a lot happier if they just colored daily. So why not color in some pots? Don’t stay in the lines.

Critique: These posts will crit an arbitrary work, to further our ability to speak of and see pots in academic manner.

Studio: Updates on studio work, pictures and anecdotes about the [not so] secret life of this potter in particular.

Foodie: I love food. Don’t you? This for all you foodies and covers all foodie stuff designed to make you drool.

Eat it: Photos of things I’ve eaten.

The Review: This section will be me reviewing a publication, exhibition, article.

Opportunity: Dearest Ceramists, yes you’ve got opportunities! As one myself my eyes are always peeled for a juried comp. here, a workshop there, so I shall share.

Bone of Contention: Sometimes I get riled up and have to contend with it.

Dictionary: A slowly complied personal dictionary of ceramic lingo and stuffs. Any orange text in a post will be explained in this section. You can also refer to the Lingo page for a complete overview of all the words discussed so far.

Mail: I am a bit of a post hound, give me some old national geographics, puffy paint and ink to make some summer sunshine love tinged post any day. The archivist in my scans em’ received and sent and wow there are some sweet lil’ somethings and wild fronts to be witnessed!

Playlist: The great Greg Daly once told me that the most important thing in a studio is the stereo system. He of course was totally right, though I’m not adverse to the presence of clay either.

News Flash: Info. that promptly needs knowing!

Essay: I have taken to writing an essay on ceramics every month. Each shall be posted under this category for your thoughts, help and scrutiny.

Question: I’ve got questions. Have you answers?

The Ramble: I shall ramble. You shall read?



Feel free to meander through past posts by category by clicking on any grey category on the sidebar  it will take you see the headlines of all the past posts in the chosen category, or use the search field on the right to navigate through tags!

Remember to add me too your RSS Feed ( and follow me on facebook (I’ll be posting tons of nifty links!) so you don’t have to remember to remember to me.

I’ve also update my portfolio page a bit!




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