Studio: The end is near!

The count down has begun! Only seven more days of wet clay work. Where, where has the time gone? Of course I feel like I am at long last just hitting my stride now- now, when the moment of departure is eminent- making confidently in both hand building and throwing, but oh how it takes forever, three hours for a handle, two weeks for a dino. A slow ornery beast it is, who’s pace must be quickened. So here is to a mad week of making!





2 thoughts on “Studio: The end is near!

  1. Carter Gillies says:

    Wow! Love the dino heads, and the ‘pots’ are really great! Whoever said pottery forms were not sculptural hasn’t seen these yet! I just love all the different ideas you are exploring. Breaking ‘the rules’ just makes it so interesting. And you’ve obviously got a real talent for pushing things in that diection.

    Keep up the good work! It seems like this stretch of your adventure with clay has been a marvelous success!

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