Studio: Notes from A Day in the Life

Permanence vs. Impermanence

A question put forth by miss Kelsey.

“Pots as gestures to the human figure”- Erin

She picks the same iconic pots to work with- She is giving us shilhouttes.

The art object is not so valued as 20 years ago

Slip cast pots on a block of ice NSCAD

Torrance- the emphasize on the time based and performance rather than the object.

Annabeth Rosen- more formed

“Displayed Culture”- this is whats going on. Neil


The Political Figure-ine

Susan talks to us about figurings and social issues.

Jack Earl

Barnaby Barford

Barnay Barford


Human Surfaces

Laurent Craste

Laurent Craste - Sculpture (14)

 Beccy Ridsdel

Beccy Ridsdel 04 578x400 Beccy Ridsdel operates on ceramics...


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