Studio: Good things come in 3.



When I have my head down in work mode the world sort of melts away. The balance of a healthy and happy life wains and waxes like all things. Normally a pottery selling season is what dictates my lulls and busy times now as a student it is the semester’s deadlines. I am shocked to say it is midterm time more specifically week six of a 15week school semester. I find myself in three ceramic studio classes constantly flipping back and forth from three conceptually and physically different ways of making. Would you like to hear the breakdown?

1)Ceramic Studio

An exploration of form, line and color of functional ceramic tableware.

2)Independent Study

A body of  work commenting our North American crisis and fragmented industrial food systems and beliefs.

3) Large Ceramic Sculpture

A workshop class pushing the boundaries of clay and my first foray into hand building!

Studio: Updates on studio work pictures and anecdotes posted up all about the secret life of potters, this one in particular.


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