The Return of the Weekly Schedule!

Dearest readers,

I have missed you. Have you missed me? Life has been getting me going and absorbing tons of information. All this newness has been sloshing around in my mind with no output but for in the studio and a paper here and there. Thus, I hereby vote to re-impliment the post a day schedule! You remember that sidebar image that disappeared from my stagnant blog some months ago (the one pictured in the middle below)? Well the times are a changing and it is too. I’ve created a new and improved schedule that lines up with my day to day foray into academia (you’ll not those AHIST 2020 posts that have been taking up reels of scrolling space as on late…). Take a look at the topics and tell me what you think. We’ll be in touch daily again!

Weekly ScheduleThere are some new bits to take note of and amendments to the Categories you know oh so well. I am proud to introduce:

Read It!: I am reading more than ever. I have a splendour of superb libraries and resources at my artsy student disposal. So many that I have considered hunkering down for the next four years and disappearing in the stacks an option of my dreams. I, however, find myself with such full days and I know you do too that all the reading gets mashed together in the filing cabinet of my brain. Here I will select a good’n a week that I would love for you to read and talk to me about. That way we might keep things straight and expand our minds a little.

(Food) Activism: I have been dwelling more and more on our North American food crisis, an eminent monster ravaging our schools and streets and homes giving our children shorter lifespans and depleting our lands and cultures. But there is hope and it comes in the form of loving and sharing food- not a task so far from the core of all ceramic practices! I am excited to look at the links there in- in our minds, and daily lives, at our tables, in our ovens and communities and computers.

Other Media: Ceramics is pretty awesome- as I reckon you’ve surmised. But lets face it art culture has so many fascinating fasets and invfluences so connected to each clay platelet that I’d like us to broaden our horizons and take a gander over the wild blue yonder to other forms of art! Get ready for works and ideas stemming from everywhere!

The Week In Review: I am in school and my weeks are full of some pretty heaving reading, some pretty heavy discussions and some pretty heavy lifting (Who made 800 lbs of clay this week? I did!). For my sanity and maybe even for your interest I’ll take some sacred saturday time and review the week picking some highlights and tid bits to share.

Cookbook of the Week: Food is so good and so an obsession of mine! You know this from my past weekly categories Foodie and Eat It! This new one is in their club and I’m in a new club. A Weekly Food Exchange Club. Where I make a vegetarian meal to serve four and wander to a friends abode and exchange my food for four other dishes that I can eat for lunch throughout the week! This foray into cooking has made me seek out new cookbooks and thanks to the extensive public library collection I’d love to share one a week with you!

It all starts on Monday!


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