Planning ahead.

2013 Slingshot banner

A new year calls for a new agenda. Slingshots are my favorite anarchist collaborative little organizers. It is chalk full of historical facts, inspirations, measurement conversions, safety suggestions (ak hem) and tips for talking to cops- A bit of information I could have used on New Years day this year. To celebrate I went on a big hike up the penisula and whilst hiking back to the entrance of the park (it is winter and so all the parks or closed) in the dark I ran into a cop searching for yours truly. He thought perhaps I and my dog had been abducted and they were going to send out the dogs! So my dog got to ride in a cop truck and my hike was cut 40mins short. Our chat was fine and I made sure not to act too guilty (does not any authority make you automatically think yourself guilty of some crime?). He was just being a concerned civilian and to top it all off he was wearing a quintacentially canadain fur hat- welcome to 2013- where adventures are bound to get even more adventurous you might want to plan ahead.


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