Exhibition: Hybrid Places

Hybrid Places by Janet DeBoos (accomplished head of the ANU ceramics department) newest body of work  on exhibition at the Sabbia Gallery in Sydney Australia. Check it out!

She uses “iconic imagery from the high point of Chinese porcelain decoration, colour & line from the desert and bush of Australia (Ernabella terra sigillata, Australian flora) and that most ancient of techniques from the ceramics lexicon (sgraffito or ‘scratching’) to attempt to create a hybrid pottery that is both contemporary and timeless, culturally specific and yet borderless.”

deb1_deb1_046 deb1_deb1_050 deb1_deb1_051 deb1_deb1_052 deb1_deb1_053-1 deb1_deb1_053 deb1_deb1_054 deb1_deb1_056 deb1_deb1_057 deb1_deb1_062 deb1_deb1_063 deb1_deb1_065 deb1_deb1_066 deb1_deb1_067


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