A Calm Sea Can Turn Turbulent Fast.

A calm sea can turn turbulent fast, indeed!

Let that be a lesson to you all. Let that be a lesson to me!

The calm of tower is shattered by the bustle of city activity and sirens at night (not of the mermaid variety).

A gal with so many amazing recourses, so many opportunities should not scoff at them, yet there is a great danger in embracing them all and tis a danger I may be on the cusp of.

I accidentally joined the AV Club yesterday.

I joined the grain co-op the day before.

I had a CKDU co-op radio meeting today!

Life is swell and with every swell I am carried further out to sea.

Yes, too many ocean references…. they are inspired by this poster:


It would in theory make sense to try and make some money off of a skill I love and want to share… to join or not to join? That is the question.



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