Think Tank Revolution: Home

In my new think tank (A.K.A. my new Nova Scotian abode…home) I have been thinking of just what the blog of an over run, stressed, scrambling Art student might be. It would be a flow of consciousness, a hectic exemplification of the many themes and all thoughts surging through an exhausted yet inspired brain over run with new data. I will muse and muster some resemblance of theme for continuity’s sake. But, I think it high time to let all those notions and half notions and simpering nothings spew forth. Or, or we can keep it the same. The smart student would let the her blog be an organization tool of study, a reference more attractive and public then the impeccably organized (if only there were more days in a week!) countless searchable file folders and sub folders on her desktop.

It is a free for all folks, a jolly amoeba shaped beast. But by George I promise you it will be entertaining and how I hope informative (in some abstracted manner perhaps). I will still attempt post each day- a link of freedom from academia where academic notions will follow me and be sent to you. Perhaps posts will be written with weary eyed deficiency or wide eye coffee ferocity. Perhaps they will be meek, perhaps they will be poorly written, perhaps they will be superb. Only time will tell. And just look at a those days of blank possibility….

I have been put to the task of a short review and give a short speech of  Bernard Leach’s Introduction in the Potter’s Book (Published originally in 1940). A chapter I have read many times and contemplated more than a person probably ought. You see Bernard is so reverend and though I agree with much of his sentiments I find great fault in his theory.  The assignment is to , ” provide a critical response that addresses the following idea: today talks to yesterday.” and answer questions such as, “How does this reading demonstrate the differences between 20th and 21st century craft? How do you read the differences or similarities?”. I shall give you the brunt of it later on.

For now let us contemplate the topic of essays I may write this semester…. Is it wrong that I think in titles? For the class Craft and Food I am able to write about anything at all pertaining to the theme. Say whA!? That is too long a leash for this house pet. Thus on my wall sits a giant paper with titles: The Tabletop Tradition,  Our Eating Routines/ Craft Slow Down, Local Eating: Local Craft, Etiquette: A No Thank You Helping, Trash: A Disposable Revolt, Dysfunctional Family Dinners…. Help. I will here think and read and think and read and think and read…. Think Tank Revolution?


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