Critique: Michael Kline Critique: Michael Kline

Potters often make the mistake, I often make the mistake,  of thinking pots themselves are the be all end all of well everything. Rather they are vessels-  and by definition containers- they carry something. They transport their containments to our senses. They are an extra tricky vehicle of display because we expect them to present many different items (food, coffee, keys, coins, rubber bands, toothpicks, toothbrushes) well, more than well. We also expect a pot to be a work of Art in its own right. This can account for the pot of a subtle- delicate and precise yet complex that often has so much strength both in the Gallery and on the table. These below by Michael Kline fit into that category.

Do you agree?

Every time I sit to write in regards to pottery I am reminded it is at once such a simple and complex endeavour.


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