Question: 1) Answering a Question a day for the BCPG Retail Jury!

1) Please describe your work as it relates to overall form (do handles and/or spout relate to body proportions), are parts pleasing to the eye, feel comfortable in the hand, the choice of process as part of the uniqueness of the finished piece and surface treatments such as choice of glazes. 

Every form in “Everyday Ungulates” is chosen after may test sets exploring various dimensions, proportions, colors, patterns and motifs. Every final choice is informed by these explorations and made to yield a functional vessel pleasing to the hand, lip and eye and more. The lips of my vessels thin and angle slightly inward creating a voluptuous curve for the lip and hand and provide easy stacking of wares for storage. Handles are spacious and seemingly flow out of mugs so that a continuity in line is observed creating a harmonized form and provide comfort for the user. Feet on all forms are distinguished in various ways from the main body of a vessel, this gives the eye a visual break and defines the vessel. There is always a surprise on the underside of my forms so that when loaded into a dishwasher or left to dry on a rack the user is give a special treat. Likewise when sipping coffee or the like any spectator is shown the bottom of a cup and can delight in the detailing there. In the same way all drinking and pouring vessels include a generous swirl in the bottom that is revealed only upon completing a beverage and adds to the further tactile pleasure of washing dishes by hand. All forms are further designed so that one can reach inside and wash, nothing being more frustrating than not being about to reach inside a vessel to clean. I say every vessel provides “more” than just function and esthetic appeal because each vessel embodies specific tastes and informs a specific lifestyle users can sense and appreciate.


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