Studio: What the future will look like

I am returning after a 2 year leave of absence to finish my BFA in Ceramics at NSCAD (in three weeks!). This endeavor has me planning and pondering and coercing and sketching. I had a swell talk with a potter friend that has attended both KSA and NSCAD with me. She reminded me of how precarious a newcomer’s position is in the environment I approach (acceptance into the NSCAD Dynasty withheld for those worthy soles in the eyes of thine superiors- my rebellious soul says pish-posh alas, it is sort of a medieval cast system. Thanks for the reminder buddy). There is skepticism and hoityness- and also great energy and possibility and a revelry of talk, sparks of intrigue that are birthed of disagreement. I am of the bull headed sort that gets an idea in my head and sails on come hell or high water into the dark enraged seas, especially if my idea affects me alone. When my endeavors include the fait of others I am far more the level headed creature. John Stienbeck has said it quite truthfully, “it is very strange that when you set a goal for yourself, it is hard not to hold toward it even if it is inconvenient and not even desirable”. I was advised to be wary before setting sail, to read the room before settling whole heartedly on a course of action. This notion brings up a very important issue for shared experimental studios- which school and residencies are- a project chosen that plays off of the dynamic of a group to a degree yields exciting results. To share physical space and talk is so to be influenced and scrutinized. To have great conversations and feedback in the long run makes it worth taking it slow out of the gates, taking a while to understand your peers. So I shall have a few options up my sleeves. What will the future look like?

It might look akin to this…

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