Question: Can she blog without a computer?

Thoughout these five years of remote living I have come to rely on my techno devices heavily. No more than your average computing inner city person, just that I have no
Public library or friend’s place or face to face substitute. My computer battery has at last gone kaput. KAPUT! The funny thing about social technology is that when it is gone it actually isn’t a big deal at all. I am just as as I am and no exterior viewer witnesses my life. It is the desire of community an sharing that underpins most of what we do and some how in reality it does not affect me so- in theory it is troubling. Alone- love it. But you see I am writing here. How so? With my phone that is really more computing device than phone. So the show will go on! She can indeed blog with no laptop, format will just take a dive towards unaesthetic. My true love is fiddling about with layouts, no such extravagance is granted to me now. Photos will be large and centrally located- ah and photos unless take via phone shall be PNG screen shots via phone- I have no way of viewing them on a real screen and so will have no idea as to their quality or positioning! It could get ugly folks! Let’s see what happens….


2 thoughts on “Question: Can she blog without a computer?

  1. Ashley says:

    I so feel your pain. I was laid off 2 years ago, and in the middle of revising and submitting my resumes to countless people, the little plug on the back of my craptop crapped out, and I was left with no way to charge my battery. My parents had a similar model and it used the exact same battery, but their screen was kaput. So there I was, charging one battery on the screenless machine and swapping it out everytime my battery got low. I gotta say, I love my new macbook with 7-10 hour battery life as opposed to the craptop battery only lasting 1-2 hours at most.

  2. bpracticalpottery says:

    The things we do for technology! I am glad you love your new comp. I am considering making the change now before I sink for money into my dear old Keysley (Yup, I name my computers- makes it harder to let go).

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