Techno-(glaze): What we can do.

I realize that I may have jumped the…goat, gun, fence, shark when it comes to Tuesday and the Techno-(glaze) category. Glaze is the coolest thing ever! The template I have created may be quite bland and contain information all potters already know. It is a greedy tool- a refresher for me, but not presented in raw note form. My notes being spiky colorful convoluted things, much like my though processes.  The problem is that I get sucked into the depths of my glaze books. One fact leads to another and hours pass only with snippets of relevant info for the given material to be featured on Tuesday. I am finding it a great challenge to organize and relate any of it to you with a certain degree of passion when not presented in a spiky colorful convoluted way. I have decided to let bygones be bygones and display glaze info as I come across it, in staccato fashion. The template will live on but be punctuated by facts and tangents and a more truthful representation of my relation with glaze technology.

One of the possible reasons for my inability to aptly represent glaze technology here is because it is such an endless topic- oddly enough that should be the very thing that makes it appropriate for the rambling tome that is this blog. I posted a crit from the 500 Cups book two weeks ago. It is my practice writing opinions of a pot on a page everyday smack dab on the printed page of the book that has led me to much contemplation of glaze material uses. Whilst flipping through the book yesterday it dawned on me just how inexhaustible the glaze surface and subsequently glaze technology is. Just take a gander at the short slide show of pitchers below, from the 500 Pitchers Book, just consider the limited glaze materials in the glaze room and how they were use to give such varied effects. Consider the endless choices and experiments done by each maker in getting everything just so. It is this immensity of possibility the potter is faced with upon entering to studio each day. Decisions, decisions.

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