Review: So Many Books So Little time (Deadwood)

Ghost RidersLast year on an unassuming lovely summer morn basking in the dewy dawn with a book in hand I realized I will die with books on my book list- on my bookshelves- not yet read. I realized I needed to get my act together and stop reading all willy nilly like, especially with a mediocre novel on a splendid summer morn when it could be a superb novel on a splendid summer morn. Time was a wasting. So many books, so little time. Today on a Sunday summers eve I got a surprise visit from my boss and some renegade library items not delivered to me for my last tower service (I spot fires from a tower off the grid in the forest and thus get food and mail and books helicoptered out to be once a month. Side note tower would be the perfect mold making hiatus. Next year. Next year.). Amongst these items is a copy of JPod by Douglas Coupland a book on said list also in the delivery was the third season of Deadwood…. decisions decisions. I really ought to ignore both and pick up a ceramic book. You see, I moved my collection of ceramic books here to tower in hopes of focusing and perusing and completing. Thus far only perusing has been done. This is a problem. When one takes what is normally an enjoyable activity and puts a deadline on it. The once hopeful spark creates no prolonged flame and the joy becomes a task and so it is lost in the druthers of the day. So on this Sunday Summer Eve I implore you tell me your trick! I am forever scheduling this and that and tricking myself into re-enjoying a task. (This little ramble scratches the surface of the real conundrum potters face: regimenting a loved activity for business and the intention of profit).

Now I am wasting time.

I am going to go watch Deadwood.

There are bound to be some ceramic jugs spattered on the set. Those more classy pioneers sure depended on a good porcelain wash basin.

You must stray from the book list now and then for you may be missing a gem. Something influential and out of your norm. For we must get out of our normalities (yes, I just made that word up).

Lessons can be learnt anywhere, including a hokey drama HBO Western. Actually, the series ties in nicely with a superb book I the history of North American nomadism in relation to modern day nomadism- Ghost Rider. A very good read for settlers and travelers alike. Read it to understand the Western obsession with a romanticized notion freedom.

Time can never be wasted.


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