Foodie: What we eat.

What YOU eat is important. Yes. Yes, for your health, for the economy, for ethics, for your relationships. It is something we do many times a day: eat. It is a section in my budget. We spend tons of dough for well- dough etc.. It is one of the true avenues where we actually put our money where our mouth is. Think about that a bit. We have whole sections of homes dedicated to the task of cooking and storing food and food stuffs, entire stores and venues dedicated to food, food preparation, eating. Whole crafts (Pottery!) dedicated to food presentation. Whole histories of etiquette and respect based around mealtime. We must pay attention to what we eat, what it means to eat it, how it affects us, how it affects our world, how it got to be in front of us, what it is like in front of us, how we eat it… Sure, we all pay a little attention. It is such a constant ordeal to keep oneself fed, one’s family fed. It is a lot of work. It can be quite monotonous. It also can be quite pleasurable.
I am taking a photo of all I eat as a little experiment this summer… What do you reckon I will learn? This experiment so far not only has led me to eat more balanced meals but also more esthetically pleasing meals.
We could all use a little more consciousness don’t you think?

 I entertainingly enough stumbled across this radio show I recorded last year about music to listen to in the kitchen. I giggle and ramble a little too much but the music is great. Crooked Stills “Come into the Kitchen” is one of my all time faves. I’ve even digitally altered it a bit to be my alarm to check my bread in the oven on my kitchen timer! You can also track my eating in realtime via Flickr or instagram. Simply click on the image above to be re-routed.

Foodie/EAT IT: I love food. I cook and share food with others at every chance. Here is once chance more. I love to eat. I love to cook. I love to make things to eat off of. I love to document.  Just as much as I love pots. Thus, this category is to indulge that very pleasure. More importantly I think it is important for us to know our food. Where it is coming from how and what implications and stories that makes for us in our daily living.


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