Back in Action.

Rest assured there is never actually any inaction in my studio or mind, where ever either may be. I have just not been sharing online. I’ve recently read a quip about humans inventing computers to enable sharing, rather than progress great thinking. I hope the new topics of this blog combined those two aspects. Through my thinking and presentation such thoughts will greatly progress as we are able to use the computer to further the ceramic process and presence by thinking, conversing and cataloging.

A list of new topics can be found on the sidebar! I decided upon these topics with a few mind maps addressing the question- Why? The response is sort of like that song.. “Bridget’s Blog, what is it good for?… Absolutely everything! Say it again.”

Every week you’ll find:

Montage:  A composition of the inspirations of the week. A purely graphic way of sharing snippets of influences.
Techno-(glaze): Info on ceramics-glaze, technique, history.
Artist: Other ceramic work featured, a bit about who else is doing what, links to their pages and work.
Porn/Artist: Pots and people I just can’t get enough of.
Critique (new!): This category is intimately linked with the Porn/Artist category of Wednesday. The post will crit the work posted to further our ability to speak of and see pots in academic manner and may help to refine and progress a piece of work, a person’s process, our ability to see, articulate, write and discuss. (This category will hopefully spark some interesting chit chat!)
Studio etc.: Updates on studio work pictures and anecdotes posted up all about the secret life of potters, this one in particular.
Foodie/EAT IT: I love food. I cook and share food with others at every chance. Here is once chance more. I love to eat. I love to cook. I love to make things to eat off of. I love to document.  Just as much as I love pots. Thus, this category is to indulge that very pleasure. More importantly I think it is important for us to know our food. Where it is coming from how and what implications and stories that makes for us in our daily living.
The Review: This section will be me reviewing a publication, exhibition, article.

Sometimes you may find:

Opportunity: Though it may not feel like it at times, opportunities abound for ceramicists. This category is an implement to keep me sharp and looking for such opportunities and catalog them for my and your sake.
Bone of Contention: Something that is getting to me and I’d like to talk about.
Museum/Gallery: Both play such a vital role in the lives of artists. This section features either and exemplifies what they are all about, what is going on,  what they can do for me and you, what we can do for them.
Dictionary: The field of ceramics has many unique words and notions. It certain helps when trying to talk about ceramics to know the basics and so these posts will be dictionaryesk, of course with a bit of personal commentary. Any orange text in a post will be explained in this section. You can also refer to the Lingo page for a complete overview of all the words discussed so far.
Mail: I enjoy sending and receiving mail and think more people ought. It is a lovely part of my life and a sort of homage to a time of slower and perhaps more powerful communication. So mail I receive is scanned into the computer and stored as data. But here I share it with you for inspiration’s sake. It is also featured on the Mail Page in an easy to see scroll fashion.
Playlist: I love music and it consequently is in my potting life. It enhances the studio all the time and therefore my process. It is a bit of my life I would like to share. So I will post up links concerning a band or a personal review of an album.
News Flash: Say Whaa!? Lots is going on, lots is happening and sometimes there is no time to wait for the right day or tuck something into the proper category and so it will be under this heading!
Essay: I have taken to writing an essay in ceramics every month. Each shall be posted under this category for your thoughts, help and scrutiny.
Question: A one liner question that I need to discuss. Please posts opinions and we can get some discussion going!
ex) What do you think of Picasso’s fleeting work in ceramics?  How often do you do visit the bpracticalpottery blog? How often do you do a studio inventory?
The Ramble: Essay like post on a given topic related to ceramics, craft and art available for commenting on and exploration. Dialog in my ceramics discourse is so important and I am excited for the blogs potential in getting talk on the go.
Exhibition: Invitations and news on exhibitions.


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