Do you glaze in advance and slowly put glazed work on a designated shelf waiting for the next firing?

I always glaze in one go and put work directly in the kiln…


4 thoughts on “Question

  1. amy says:

    i do the same, but think that glazing as I go, or at least in smaller batches, would be better for my sanity closer to show times.

  2. bpracticalpottery says:

    I have also posted this question on a “Mud Slingers” fb group I’m part of. It sounds like we are all tackling big batches…

    – Never. I’m always rushing at the last possible moment, late at night, everything goes in the kiln wet. i wish i did that way though, it sounds… relaxing.

    – ‎”In advance” — ha! Not a chance. I much prefer standing, inking, wiping, glazing, wiping, glazing, wiping, pouring, wiping, and dipping for a solid 10 hour day before loading in the dark so that I can wake up at the crack of dawn to start that sucker up! And where do you keep your designated shelf? But, really Bridget, yours is a good idea!

    I actually prefer glazing in one swoop it gives a sort of continuity yet creates enough monotony to allow for some wee experiments that come from all that prolonged repetition. If only I had the foresight and gumption to make for a two week buffer zone before pots come out of the kiln and are meant to be shipped off to galleries etc… Though, it is sort of refreshing that so many have similar making routines. It begs the questions. Is it the best way to be? Need we change our ways? What is holding us back?

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