Excuses of business. An excess of business.

Time is always propelling us forth and tugging us back.

So much has been done.

So much to be done….

Please find all the loose ends of my synapses fired below.

(a.k.a. all the half posts, tasks, events, work and thoughts of the last two weeks)


Go check this online viewing of objects out! You can scroll and scroll and continuously be delighted in object after object. It is a little show that is bound to get you inspired!

March 2 through April 1, 2012

Harrison Gallery, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, USA
Opening Reception, First Friday, Mar 2, 5-9pm

Small Favors was conceived of in 2006 as part of the Studio’s ongoing effort to offer accessible, high-quality artworks that appeal to ceramic enthusiasts of all ages: older collectors who are challenged for space and young fine art collectors who are challenged for money. It allows those who are space challenged to continue to collect work by artists they love, and those who want to begin to collect work an accessible entry point.

This exhibition engages each artist’s creativity in new and exciting ways. For some artists, the work created for this show is similar to what they normally make although at a reduced scale. For others, it’s an opportunity to break away from what they create in their daily studio practice. Regardless of this choice, the works exhibited are incredibly varied in material and form. Though diminished in scale, these artworks are huge in impact.



Oh the possibilities as a place like this! In an environment of encouragement and ample tools and space, just think of what can be done….


Arts/Industry is undoubtedly the most unusual on-going collaboration between art and industry in the United States. Hundreds of emerging and established visual artists have benefited from the Arts/Industry program at Kohler Co. since its inception in 1974.

Participants are exposed to a body of technical knowledge that enables them to explore forms and concepts not possible in their own studios as well as new ways of thinking and working.

Artists-in-residence may work in the Kohler Co. Pottery, Iron and Brass Foundries, and Enamel Shop to develop a wide variety of work in clay, enameled cast iron, and brass including but not limited to murals and reliefs, temporary or permanent site-specific installations, and functional and sculptural forms.

Applications for residencies in the 2013 calendar year will be accepted online through the CaFÉ website starting December 1, 2011, with a deadline of April 1, 2012. The Deadline for 2012 residencies has passed.


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