Studio: Mug-A-Thon

The tradition goes on.

On Friday I stood at my wheel 50 balls of clay poised beside me on one side and a stop watch and thermos with tea on the other- ready for four hours of throwing.

It takes three or four days of subsequent work to get to the point where I can let a mug slowly start to dry. I have, of course, decided to make more things more difficult but, also more exciting… add ons to my standard forms! I confess, I am rusty. It has been a long time since my last mug-a-thon and it is after all not the four hour throwing part that is the challenge as much as everything that follows. Especially when what follows is a hand built foot ring, a handle pulled off the mug, slip application, a hand transfered image and extra slip applications…… I love it, all the tedious finicky hours of it…..

There is a Neil Young song that swoons, “What you love may kill you in the end”. Rock and rollers go on tour. Athletes train in the freezing rain. Journalist go under cover. Potters have mug-a-thons.


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