Issue: Michelle Lim Says Competition Kills Creativity

And I couldn’t agree more…
See what she has to say:

Last week, I pieced everything together when I spoke to one of the cleaners. She is btw a very witty and rather intelligent woman. But her working conditions are shit. If the argument is that Singaporeans don’t want to work in these lines and that is why we need to employ foreigners, well… how about you take this job? With less than $5 per hour with no bonuses and no medical benefits. Working longer and more back breaking hours than so many of us in our cushy seats. With less $800 a month and more than 2 mouths to feed. I am not by any means suggesting a welfare state. I am however suggesting and impressing upon us all, that there HAS to be an alternative no matter how much trouble it takes the ministry to protect workers like them simply because we should respect ALL jobs, like how we expect our jobs to be respected. The fairness we deserve should be relative to who we are, our past, our future and our work we put in. Put meritocracy into practice for once perhaps.

Competition is not an excuse to be used for people who can’t get creative enough that they have to make others compete at the expense of those lower in the food chain. In other words, competition kills creativity. We aren’t animals. We are a society and a civil one at that, lets remain so. Don’t use competition to kill each other and livelihoods of those who are already at the losing end of the game.

I wonder how long it will take us to understand that ALL OPPRESSION IS CONNECTED. We can’t expect fairness for one aspect and not another. Fairness is a package, and it comes first with respect.


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