Artist: Pipin Drysdale

Thank you Carole Epp, the all-knowing writer of Musing About Mud an upstanding resource for potters and those that love ceramics! She steered me to Pipin Drysadale’s website. Pipin makes the exquisite bowls (pictured below) that I so sketchily drew in the last post. I have now committed the name ‘Pipin Drysadale’ to memory.  This post has been a pitiful display of a norm in my life: remembering pots not people. I also remember landscapes not names. Something about Pipin’s bowls touch me on a molecular level. The way they play with light could never be conveyed in photograph. Please seek these pots out. They will mesmerize you. Having wandered around Australia seeking out pottery it is any wonder the name was lost on me. The landscaped bowls belong there. They belong to that land just as the bark dot and line maps of the Aborigines do. If you were to dig one out of the ground the first thought you might think is that it is a thing of nature- delicate and desolate- perfect.


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