Techno-ology: How to videos galore.

It is always nice to see someone else throw. I also get a kick out of how potters try to explain what they are doing. I found myself instructing a friend in yoga the other day. I sounded like a really bad how-to video but she got the gist. The thing is explaining what we do and how we do it is a useful tool not only to others but to ourselves. In the art game we spend decades trying to articulate and condense our ideas into singular sentences. Why not do so in our studios? Sometimes saying  it out loud can bring ourselves much-needed clarity.

I always get a kick out of every potter’s esthetic preferences and choices (it often seems so arbitrary)(For if is it isn’t arbitrary we must delve into the story of the individual to find what led them to make their decisions (and we seldom get that chance) or get into doctrines of what is good or bad, right or wrong). With this film I found myself saying “Stop! Stop!” when the form unfolded mid throw to suit my fancy. Just at this moment:

Maybe there is a new tactic here to make the sketchbook obsolete… just video tape one’s self throwing and re-play the footage like any athlete checking form but rather stop and pause to discover the perfect form mid-throw. (Holy sports analogy! Sorry about that.)

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