Review: Persian Ceramics (book)

This beauty (which you can peruse via this link) is one of the few books about pottery at my local library. I check it out twice a year and drool over these bowls. To see the lines and colors evolve between region and artist and time brings me so much joy and gives me so much to think of. It begs the questions: What led the maker to make the pot? By what means for what reasons?  Were are the materials coming from? Who was using it? Why/how is it left intact to be documented? Why of those found was it chosen? What does this bowl mean to me?

This book renews in me the thrill of knowing the endless form that a bowl can take on and the endless surface possibilities. It reminds me that I will be a potter forever as there are no bounds- body, resource and mind willing- to what pottery can mean and be. All that from a picture book? Yes! I mean seriously why would you EVER make the same pot twice?

I was lucky enough to see three Persian bowls on display at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. They were stunning and perfect but gave me a comforting feeling. Before I wondered how much leaching barium accounted for their brilliance, I had a fleeting yearning to eat cereal out of one in the morning- though they were fit for kings and queens and not my basement apartment.

The Review: This section will be me reviewing a publication, exhibition, article.

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