Playlist: Ramblin’ Man & Vinicius

Sometimes in the studio you just need the good old standards to urge you to stay put. Sometimes you need the some new goodies to keep you light on your foot…

I sat down to write a letter and instead found myself describing some pots and a song….

‎…just got back from my radio show and it took a turn for the twang. The whole wintery snowflake filled walk home I’ve had Hank William’s “Rambling’ Man” in my head. In truth, I may have had that song stuck in my head for the last ten yea…rs. Or not stuck in my head per say, just vibrating lightly in my bones at once both the remnants of our communal yesteryear and a cue for the rest of all time ‘s passing. It is haunting and perfect. I am tempted to just play in over and over as I lay to sleep each night and wake each morn. Now, that surely sounds a trifle obsessive but, it is not. I feel like that recording is part of me and of every man. Similar to the feeling of universal understanding on a molecular level that some Neolithic pots evoke. Have you ever encounter one of these things? They strike a stand of DNA and cause a resounding hum, set a helix spinning in a slow endless whirl, like the earth’s endless orbiting of the sun, something beyond time. A resonating ethereal twinge left from when we were all nomads, translated to song.

Playlist: I love music and it consequently is in my potting life. It enhances the studio all the time and therefore my process. It is a bit of my life I would like to share. So I will post up links concerning a band, and a personal review of an album.


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