Techno-ology: (Lightroom) Photo, photos, photos.

A big part of being a potter is adaptability.

These days that means you have to wear many hats and acquire many skills (until you can employ other more knowledgeable people who actually know what they are doing to work for you and do it right…). One of the skill I have set out to hone is that of photography. It is so important to take quality pictures of your work- or at least ANY pictures! There are a few pots I wish I had given some more time to in my space to photograph and sketch. We must also consider the behind the scene ceramic process that can be documented to our benefit. Here is an example for you:

While setting up at Out of Hand a lady stopped by and complimented our booth and reminded us to “be sure and take a picture”! I scoffed a bit at the comment, of course we would take photos! Well, she was right we really ought to have taken more photos the Market just got out of hand! I only have two horrid photos of a half set up booth taken with my phone (see below)! All that work and endless planning culminating with no visual reference for the future. Ak.

Then again, you can’t do it all. My list of projects is endless, something new is always looming, thus the things I do well daily are  completed without decent recognition and proper celebration.  Like the new regime of photo organization and public out put I’m on about in 2012. Taking lots of photos is one thing (I must work on) but, the huge data bank of unsorted and unedited photos is another thing all together. Learning new programs or digital processes is a pain but, a step in the right direction (as long as it is a time-saving endeavour for the future). I have begun to use Adobe Lightroom , a photo browser that allows me to edit and organize in batches and backs everything up for me (see below). There are tons how-to videos that can be found on the net because it is the program that many photographers use themselves (see below). Now I just have to learn to properly use my camera (I swear I’ll watch that instructional DVD one of these days)! One step at a time, even if I’m going in reverse! There are lots or resources for us potters out there and we must realize that documenting is a huge part of what we do, through the objects we make- that really will stand the test of  unlike their digital counterparts- and by the way we share our pots on the table and on the net.


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