Back and in action, after much driving.

Ok ok, I know that I said that a few posts ago. But, I have returned to Canada and Christmas has past and now I am anticipating what the new year has to bring. Lists and lists of projects and how I might get them all done are on my desk and a layer of dust is lies on my studio shelves. My trip down to San Francisco made me eager to make work. This year will be greatly dedicated to getting that work in galleries and people homes! A great evaluation of the past year is on the list of projects and a sum up of the past months experiences. One of my follies is diving right back in to the studio without fully processing my recent experience, then again, can we ever really fully process anything?

To help me out and so you may see where I’ve been and what I’ve done here are some links to the places I went on the return trip. Click on the images to get to their respective websites!



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