Questions from a friend.

I was asked to answer these questions for a friend’s paper…

a. What do you think the effect of outsourcing has on craft and design in British Columbia?

Outsourcing has certainly changed the way designers design and makers make. As a designer two major aspects have resulted. It is now more feasible to get produced anything you design, Somewhere in the world someone will make and assemble it usually for less of a fee than close to home. This shocking reality has also sparked a movement for buying, creating and manufacturing locally. A local revolution that as a maker one must be very aware of. As a maker it is important to understand and try and make buyers understand that there is a great difference between something made elsewhere and something fine crafted close to home.

b. How do you feel about the shop local movement happening in craft and design today?

I think is the most logical result of the outsourcing trend and its effect on makers and designers in North America. I support it and encourage others to do the same.

c. How do you market your work in a global marketplace and how do you feel globalization effects your market?

I have decided to start close to home and grow from there. Canada and the USA are the most logical places to start. I am in the process of starting to sell online. It will be interesting to see if my buyers through that interface are situated near or far. Web 2.0 technologies have been a great help in organizing my business and communicating with others (for instance with you and this interview).

d. Do you feel there is a ‘value added’ component to locally designed and created work?


e. How do your local surroundings influence your ideation and design process?

My local surroundings greatly influence my work. My pottery is a reminder to cherish the everyday and does so by reflecting it. My environment is very important to me and so my experiences and everyday life find their way onto my pots. It is by observing life around me that I draw ideas for form, decoration and even the physical and social function of my pots.


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