I have been busy.

What has been going on? Where the heck did I go? Well, I disappeared into the depths of the glorious studio in the most inglorious of all-consuming manners. I then emerged two months later with a new kiln and a swack of work (pictures pending). I then ventured to the coast to make some new fancy artful tiny objects and write some stories, bounced over a bit to sell my previously made wares and have now begun an epic journey down south along the American coast to San Fran (for a friends giant showing of sculptures), camping along and art going as I must. Oh, boy must I! I have a partner in artsy travel crime, the same as in the past for our grand Canadian tour (Elyse). Now we are taking on the West! In Portland we are! This is what we’ve done… Click on the images for links to their proper pages:

First I did a collaboration weeklong stint at the Ministry of Casual Living in Victoria.

Secondly, I sold my wares at Out of Hand in Victoria.

Then we went to then coast to Kalaloch, my most favorite bit of coast in the world:

Then to Portland! And the attractions:


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