Rally the Art troops! Can you get some people on my side?

My University is in danger of fragmentation! NSCAD is the iconic Canadian institution that gives a great value to Ceramics- my one true passion. To validate my work and life I need NSCAD to keep it’s cred that can speak to the prestige of Canadian craft. Chose one of the following sentiments and email to,

– NSCAD University MUST continue to give classes in all mediums it currently does. By cutting courses you are devaluing the diversity of our nation.
-Art makes us human and it is NSCAD that facilitates the exploration and understanding of ourselves and culture.
–  NSCAD grads go on to work and collaborate making Canadian towns and cities more diverse and intriguing. They represent Canada abroad and demonstrate the ingenuity of our Art and Culture. Without the foundation of ideals and skills provided by NSCAD no such bonds would be fostered. Keep NSCAD the same!

And you can sign an online petition here!

Please take a minuet to do this. Thank you!

Friends of NSCAD University October 20, 2011


Dear Friends, NSCAD University is Canada’s oldest fine art degree granting university, and the only independent institution offering a full range of undergraduate and graduate programming in visual art and design east of Ontario. As you may know, Howard Windsor, the former Policy Analyst with Labour and Advanced Education for the province of Nova Scotia, has been appointed by the Minister of Advanced Education to examine the future of NSCAD University. Mr. Windsor has been given an open mandate by the Minister to propose a fate for the school which may include the termination of programs to wholesale or fragmented mergers with other provincial institutions. 2012 marks NSCAD University’s 125th birthday, and we need your support in ensuring another 125 years for one of North America’s leading autonomous art and design institutions. We are appealing to you to help communicate to the Province of Nova Scotia why NSCAD University’s continued existence is important to you. Please let the Premier of Nova Scotia, Darrell Dexter and the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education Marilyn More know how NSCAD University has contributed to the vitality of visual culture locally, nationally and internationally. Please forward this message to those who may be able to play a part in supporting NSCAD University as an autonomous institution. Sincerely, The Friends of NSCAD University Friends of NSCAD University an ad hoc group of faculty, staff and alumni created to promote the continued existence of NSCAD University as one of Canada’s leading autonomous art and design institutions.


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