Dear blog readers,

I miss our interactions. The studio has swallowed me whole. I am in the belly of the beast. I am tuned into the subtle breathing and motions as it heaves to a fro through the days. It is just a happenstance that I have recovered my computer charger and so we can be reunited in the dim night. I vow now to bring you into my studio and share with you all I learn and glean from long hours of toiling away, good music in hi-fi and early mornings of cafe and mist all orbiting around my studio. The routine of a potter is at the mercy of the material. Clay waits for no one. Thus, you find me awake late at night waiting for the cone to bend so I can go to bed, rise early and mix my glaze, unload, apply glaze and load again and fire with fingers crossed that Henry, the beast, has one more firing left in his two remaining elements. It is good, so good.

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