Techno-ology: Computer Kiln

A computer used to be a person, now it is a machine. People used to turn kiln knobs, now we push buttons and program computers.

Why go with a computerized a kiln instead of a non computurized one? Why go with a manual kiln instead of a computerized? I am putting a deadline on myself: tomorrow I must decide what to do. What to do? I have my heart set on an large oval kiln, four kiln shelves across, a manual knob turning beast. Why? That is a good question. The first question all kiln retail outlets ask is “what size do you require”? Hmm. I’d like to think that production will grow in the years to come. My current requirement may not be that of the future. This is not something retailers take into consideration. I have ordered a small test kiln! It is computerized… Ultimate control and graphs make sense for testing. Why do I shy away from the same qualities on a more grand scale? There is one thing I do know, in schools manual kilns are the way to go. After the basics are learnt programing cycles and fine tuning this and that allow us to learn even more. Still part of me thinks a computerized kiln makes one less engaged- plus home repare is not advised. Low tech is sometimes the best!

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