Out of Hand

Out of Hand Artisan Christmas Fair Friday, Nov. 25th – Sunday, Nov. 27th, 2011 Victoria, BC, Canada

What an aptly named market. Because it is going to get out of hand up in here during the prep weeks before this market! My fellow potter cohort (I really wanted to refer to her as a gunslinger… as that is what I’ll need her to become in the months to come!) and I have weighed the Pros and Cons of doing our first sizable Christmas Market some 700km away in Victoria, Out of Hand… this is what my list looked like:

Now that the decision is made it is time for planning details and applications. I have to hand it to my meticulous self of yesteryear because when I ventured into the dusty catalogs of templates made once upon a time for markets I came up with two gems: a budget, pricing model and a work schedule!  With these organizational tools at my disposal and a  young brash gunslinger to keep me in line things might not get that Out of Hand after all! Take a gander at my musings of organizational yesterday:
DesignExample of apple boxes…

Cost Planner

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