Playlist: Lavender Diamond & !!!

I am a potter, yes. I love music, yes. Thus, I have a weekly thematic indie rock show on a local radio station: Kootenay Co-op Radio. The theme this week is “New Beginnings” as Fall is in the air and the radio waves of a new programing season. You can download this week’s show here. Here are two bands with ridiculous videos and a comic from the show:

Lavender Diamond is a vocal powerhouse with diverse melodies. The Album Imagine Our Love is one of the album featured on my radio Mangoland this week. Some folks say “Imagine Our Love pulls together elements of folk, pop, country, performance art, children’s music, and protest anthems to make one of the most original musical statements we’ve heard in years.” I don’t disagree at all. Check her out.

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) is a band that I have admittedly disliked in the past. But their newest release Strange Weather, Isn’t It? has won me over, it have undertones of many other musical decades and genres mashed up and celebrated in a tasteful and inoffensive way. They have decided to tackle some important issues of our times and climes. Worth a listen for sure!!! The video below is absurd and perhaps not so inoffensive. Very absurd.

And the comic….


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