Montage: It all happens at once…

What a morning yesterday was! Remember that post of the shocked girl with the mad hair? Well I have gotten the opportunity to avoid the real world and brave the Northern cold for another week. I am now at tower until September 23. Re-set your watches and start the count down for nine more days! I am longing for the studio and know I must get to work if there is to be any stock for those Christmas sales, but what can you do? I’ve decided to invest in a bigger kiln with the extra green so I can still meet those deadlines. I also got an email saying the collaboration proposal done on a whim for a show/experiment in November was accepted! And thus two weeks of studio time was lost in a morn. I am going to take this extension and savour the remanence of my frost bitten garden and tie up loose ends before the frenzy of making begins! Here is a pic of my beloved Muskeg tower (thats what it looks like on a beautiful day from the airstrip). If only there was a kiln and wheel here (in the past there has been both!).


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